Life Changing Workshop One time workshop with Eyal Avraham Levi

Life Changing Workshop

One time workshop with Eyal Avraham Levi



Life Changing workshop!

The secrets of Self Worth

12/21/2014 11AM-3PM  

Lexus of NMB

14100 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami, FL 33181


@ Do you feel overwhelmed by life’s adventures?

@ Do you feel like there must be a better way?

@ Have you ever felt trapped in your relationship, wanting to express yourself but misunderstood?

@ Are you financially struggling and not sure how to pay the bills, not mentioning saving?

@ Do you imagine yourself living a different life from time to time and wonder- “How did I even get here?”

@ Are you feeling like you are carrying heavy weight on your shoulders and not sure how to handle it anymore?

@ Are you scared to be alone and not find the right partnership?

@ Would you like to learn how to say NO and put yourself in the center, without feeling guilt or shame?

@ Are you afraid from taking important decisions?

@ Are you tired of people telling you that you have a bigger potential and can achieve more in life?

@ Do you feel stuck in your career, relationship or personal life?

If you answered YES to one or more of the questions above or want to improve your life, then this WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU!


What would it look like if you decide to take a few hours and invest in yourself??

We are inviting you to a one time workshop right before the coming new year!



Is a certified professional coach from Tel Aviv that masters in NLP and is a part of Tony Robbins’s team.

He specializes in self worth and self fulfillment and helped thousands of people from all over the world to overcome fears, negative thinking and anxiety. Levi is going to teach you how to connect to your true desires, how to find the courage to follow your heart and how to be able to say NO when it’s the most difficult!




 Together with Mulan Reiter


a certified professional Coach who specializes in Self fulfillment and helped young women and men to build their vision and follow their dreams, Mulan is using different methods to help her clients overcome fears, step outside of their comfort zone and pushes them to be the best version of themselves!

they will help you to break patterns, old habits and make new commitments to an  AMAZING 2015!

Don’t miss this opportunity to better yourself, self reflect and take steps for improvement

Learn how to take charge on your life and manifest your true potential!

Here is where you create a REAL CHANGE! You will receive knowledge and learn to how to apply it in your life so it can work for you to better you life and change it for the best!

This workshop is ALL ABOUT YOU!

















In this workshop you will also learn:

@ The secrets of the self-worth as a tool for achievement

@ Prioritizing and delegating.

@ How to say NO without feeling guilt or shame

@ How to be true to yourself and learn to listen to the inner voice to guide you!

@ How to gain the respect and appreciation you deserve

@ Find your talents and dare doing something with it!

@ Find Happiness, Joy and fulfillment in your life and learn how to manifest it in your business, relationships and partnerships

@ Take necessary steps to improve your life and dare to make life changing decisions!

@ Create an action plan and start moving in the direction YOU decide your life needs to go!

@ Define new rules and make a commitment to follow them!

We invite you to learn something different that works!
This workshop was meant to help you not only “understand everything in theory” but apply the knowledge into practical action!

This can be the best decision you will ever take in your life!

This workshop is a rare and unique opportunity for you to get the support , knowledge , experience success and the world’s most advanced tools for creating practical self-worth that will turn your relationship into a good relationship and will allow you to gain financial freedom! All that you truly deserve nothing less!

It is no coincidence that thousands of people are following Eyal’s videos on YouTube, Facebook posts and ask to join his private mailing list.
There’s something else, something that people are able to understand and implement. Something that works.


We do not know what your plans for that day, we don’t know where you are coming from, We don’t know what the weather will be but one thing we know for sure, If your life is important to you-


And that’s not all! There are also:
special bonuses as a gift!



A free recording of the workshop will be sent to your email right after the workshop!

The recording can be downloaded to your computer and stay with you forever! You would be able to use it as a tool to help you boost your energy and raise your consciousness!

The value of the bonuses: $100.00

I know this workshop is the most important thing that everyone must learn , things that there must be taught in schools throughout the country and to be able to allow the participation of as many people so we decided that instead ofNIS 316 ,
for participating in the workshop including bonuses is an investment of:  $47.00 only !
The number of seats in the limited , preliminary register would benefit from the participation in the workshop and accompanying bonuses.

Guys, I want to sign up to this life changing experience right before the new years
Excellent! Select ‘like’ the number of tickets you want and click on:
“Book Now” and will immediately stand secure payment

No problem, good experimental access to one of the crew members during the break they will return your money on the spot and without asking you questions

You have 100% full responsibility for your money.
With a Money Back Guaranteed policy you can’t go wrong!

Drinks and snacks will be served!

For questions, comments or any other concerns you may have please feel free to contact us at

 or at 954-663-7806.


We can’t wait to see you all there!!!!!!!!




Registration costs for a limited time $47 clickHere: 

See You There!!! :)

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