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  After our 45 min session you will be able to make a decision if you
want to work with a life coach and take action towards achieving your personal and professional goals. If you decide to sign up, here are the programs that I offer:

  We will meet once a week for a 45 minutes life coaching session in a comfortable quiet space.
Our sessions are strictly confidential and everything you will choose to share will always stay between us.

  Our meetings are fun and interactive, this is not a therapy!

  We will build rapport with time so you will feel comfortable to bring to the room whoever YOU truly are.

If after a month one of us decides that we are not a match we can say goodbye in a nice way, no hard feelings.
I am committed to partner with you and be here for you whenever you need me, therefor I offer my clients the guided support via e-mail or text.

To change takes courage,
Imagine how great it feels to know that you are the cause rather then being the effect of your life.

Your total plan!

12 one-on-one individualized coaching: 12 personal coaching sessions that will lead you to the path of happiness and fulfillment!

24 One-on-one individual coaching with the maximum support:

A 24 week program who is designed to create a major breakthrough in your life, personal guidance and real results.
This program includes an e-mail and texting support whenever you need it.

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Moran Reiter
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