Real Results

Here are some of the results that my clients have reached after taking this important step:

  • They found what motivates them
  • They found what blocks the from getting what they want
  • They discovered their light and decided to share it
  • Their relationships improved
  • Their financials improved
  • They have better time Managment
  • Their level of influence went up
  • They feel more confident and powerful to creat ANY Change they want


What People say:


“Being genuinely authentic. I believe most of us walk through life hesitating our true self, or not even knowing who that is. Mulan pushed me to be courageous in ways I didn’t think I could be. I became comfortable in situations I would’ve escaped in the past.
It is obvious to me that anyone that would like to improve their lives should have a life coach- and let’s be honest, who doesn’t need some level of improvement? .. I am a therapist myself, and I have worked with many counselors and mental health experts across the globe, I can attest to the fact that Mulan will take the extra step for you and be there at any moment, even if that requires her to fly cross country for you. I have recommended Mulan to two of my friends and both of them have experienced wonderful insights and transformation. I continue to recommend her and would encourage anyone to try it out. She will give you a free test session, I would take advantage of that. See for yourself.”

– Calanit Paz, Miami, Florida


“I recommend that everyone take an hour or two once a week to see a life coach. It changed the          way I see myself and my life for the better.

Last year I saw Mulan over the course of 3 months, 12-14 weeks.   I was going through a lot of changes in my life, I had just graduated from dental school and also gotten married within a few months. My life transformed from a single student, to a married doctor overnight and I was having a difficult time with the transition. I wasn’t ready to seek formal care with a therapist and a few people had recommended Mulan. I was very skeptical.

At our first meeting she asked me intelligent and insightful questions that lead me to really focus on the issues that were bothering me. She forced me to be introspective in a way that I didn’t think I could be. During the next few weeks she did the most amazing things. She helped me to really see that I was the key to living a healthy and happy life, and every time I left her I felt revitalized. I can’t express the lightness I felt, and also how empowering it was at the same time.

I still use strategies she taught me, and I think of her whenever I encounter stress in different spheres of my life. I am eternally grateful to her and would recommend her to anyone.”

– DR. Shoham Elazar Berkowitz, Plantation, Florida


“We are all strong,fearless and our original state is love, but there are moments and events in our lives that make us feel the complete opposite. I came across Mulan at the right time to help me believe in myself and my strength again in the process of my divorce. I looked forward to all of my sessions in the three months we worked together as I felt the progress in each of them. I highly recommend Mulan’s coaching!”

– Siulil, Florida


“I am 55 years old, I had some psychology exposure over the years, nothing big, just some help with the kids. Its was great.never had any knowledge of coaching. Mulan is my friend’s daughter, I heard a lot about what she does and I was curious. Turned out I needed coaching, turned out we all need coaching. its a pause you give yourself, and a restart. Mulantook me by the hand to places and corners in my life, I did not visit in a long time. I now know that coaching with Mulan is about having a little more control over the quality of my life and more importantly, having more awareness to the fact that such control can be achieved.Mulan is way younger than me , so I was worried she will not be able relate to me, But she is sharp and  attentive ,and somehow she understand situation that I do not think I understood when I was her age.For me ,It feels like having coffee with your best friend , but it is so much more, its enlightening and empowering!”

-Pnina Elaazar, Hallandale beach Florida



“I am so grateful that I had the chance to be coached by Mulan.Mulan is gifted in many ways. She is very professional (and I believe that has a lot to do with her working xperience),dynamic, authentic and open hearted.When started working with her, I did not have much confidence in asking the amount of money I anted, from my clients. By working with her, she helped me to develop a plan for my financial success and today I am confident to ask my clients for my payment.She empowered me and her method changed so many parts of my life, as for example, I am able to step out of my comfort zone and to take risks.”

-Mina Talkay, Greece



“When the time is right, the teacher will appear. That’s exactly how I can describe my experience with coaching. Mulan is an Amazing, talented, intuitive person who I came across with in the right time and the right place. This kind of support is priceless at a time you feel like everything is lost… She helped me make the biggest transition in my life by being out and open about my sexuality. Don’t hesitate to start the process, the support you will get along the way will make you question why you have waited that long”

-Miriam Aharon, Tel Aviv.



 “I wanted to express my gratitude to Mulan for guiding me through a very transitional time in my life. Working with a life coach helped me realize that i am so much more than the perspective i have of myself. And that the world around me also has a different perspective of what i make of it. Mulan helped me empower myself and realize to trust my strengths and intuition. She helped conquer many of my weaknesses and guided me through challenging situations. I highly recommend Mulan to whoever is in the search of their own path, she is friendly , trustworthy and understanding.”

– Nadine, Buenos Aires, Argentina



All human beings are powerful and willing to achieve anything they want in life. For me the key is to be open to the miracles of the Universe and to have confidence in yourself.

Why hire a Life Coach? I see it as a Personal Trainer that works with you one-on-one and see the potential that you have. The Life Coach guides you to discover yourself, your skills, and to understand how amazing and unique you are. This allows you to achieve your goals and build on that self-confidence. Mulan was a miracle in my life, she is a great listener and her intuition guides you to see your life and circumstances from a different perspective. She coaches you to achieve your desires based on your personal experience and personality.

For me, the main difference between and Life Coach and a therapist is that a therapist focus treatment in dealing with past situations. On the other hand a Life Coach helped  you to understand your current circumstances and guide you to move your life in the direction of your dreams focusing on the future by visualizing how your want your life to be.

Mulan is an amazing professional. She guides you to develop your higher potential and achieve your dreams. Thanks of her coaching and guide I can summarize that my life have changed 180 degrees. I am now engaged to a wonderful man, I have a new job, and my financial situation has improved. I highly recommend her.

-Selenne Libere, Plantation, Florida 



What else you will receive by working with a certified professional coach?

  • Level of confidence, security and thought process that will help you take control over your life
  • Knowledge how to get to the point you desire to reach in your life from the point you are at right now
  • A rich level of conciseness that will help your development and enjoyment from everything you do in your life
  • Self discipline that will help you be more focused on your goals and reach productivity
  • Connect to your true self and trust your intuition
  • Have the courage to be who you really are

Invest in your well being and contact me today.