Personal Breakthrough Coaching

IMG_0694The Personal Breakthrough process is the most EFFECTIVE, POWERFUL, unique process a person can find! In a short period of time you will:
Breakthrough your limitations
Identify your underlying problem
Find the solution to the problem and BREAKTHROUGH IT! 
Through powerful techniques of NLP and Time Line Therapy® you will be able to get fast results in a very short time. 

Time Line Therapy is an amazing technique that has been clinically proven to treat 
PTSD, anxiety, Stress and phobias. 
This method was invented in 1982 by DR. Tad James in Australia in it is now practiced all around the world! 

"Time Line is the first element in the basis of personality. 
It is a key element to an understanding of personality. 
Our memories, decisions, experiences good and bad are collected here over time and determine how we relate to the world. 
How we store memories affects how we experience our lives" 
-DR Tad James. 

Time Line Therapy is a content free process so it can be done fast and securely without reliving the experiences. Releasing negative emotions, abusive behaviors and breaking through limiting beliefs are all done in a safe, quiet environment that allows the client to feel comfortable and relaxed. 

Here is what people had to say after experiencing their personal breakthrough:

"I've never experienced something like this in my life! 
I came to Mulan with a chronic pain I've been dealing with for 10 years and after 2 weeks I have won the battle and my body just healed itself!!! 
I would totally recommend it to everyone I know, especially If they suffer from pains and arches that are very hard to live with. 
I realized I was the one who created the problem and therefor I'm the one who can make it go away! 
It's been 8 months since our last session and I haven't had any pains since then!" 
-Maria Asharov, Miami Beach, Florida.

"This process have saved my marriage!! 
After 20 years with my husband I thought I would be better off without him. 
Until I met Mulan I was being the effect of my life rather than the cause. 
This process has taught me how to take charge of my life, let go of my limiting thinking and initiate action so I can be happy now! 
In a very short time we did work that would have taken years to accomplish through talk therapy only. 
I'm glad I cam across this treatment! 
It made such a huge difference in my life! within 12 hours we have gone through my entire personal history so she can find the underlying issue and treat the root cause! 
I'm still amazed how as soon as I was ready to walk out and give up on my marriage I have found this lady who completely turned things around for me. 
My husband and I are both grateful to have experience something so powerful and so valuable and we recommend every person to try it out!" 
-Dina Goldberg, Boca Raton, Florida