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I was born in Tel Aviv in Israel and grew up in one of the best neighborhoods in the country.
At 18 I joined the Israeli Defense Force and served as a commander for almost two years.

I have had the privilege to lead a group of courages, beautiful women at a very young age and impact their life.
I then moved to the states with my sister and opened my own business at 23. before i knew it I was in charge of 4 retail locations, 3 web-sites, 15 employees and had a lot of responsibilities.
My journey with Coaching started at very young age where I was at middle school.

I remember myself thinking of others and watch them fight there battles’ thanking G-d for my place in life and the gifts i had.
The question that always bothered me was how come people are so different from one another but yet have to go through same challenges?
I began to explore and study different modalities like Coaching, NLP, Nutrition, Psychology, Kabbalah, guided Imagery, Leadership Programs, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy and more to try an answer this question and help the people around me to have a better quality of life.
As a little girl I wanted to become a Doctor so I can heal others and help them manage their pain. As soon as i realized that things like blood, needles and hospitals were part of the deal I turned into something more proactive, positive and Happy.
As of today I have worked with hundreds of people around the world and I’m planning on helping hundreds of thousands in the future. My mission in life is to show people the gifts and attributes they were born with, Find what motivates them and partner with them to push them in the direction they need to go!
We are all made of a unique spark and as we go through life, we tend to lose it or hide it from our site. My goal is to help YOU find that spark and the courage to Shine.
I believe we are all put in here for a purpose and we have a choice at every moment we breathe.
The most successful people in the world work with a coach and the reason is that COACHING WORKS LIKE MAGIC.

Not like psychology when we turn back to the past in order to find answers, Coaching is very practical and the questions being asked are mainly asked so we can find the energy to move forward to where we want to be.
There are two main factors which are very important in order to experience the magic of coaching!
Commitment– YOU have to make a commitment that you want to better yourself and show up every week (Phone and Skype services are available also)

 Readiness– If you have read all this you might be ready to take that important step. One of my favorite quotes is “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”.
We are all put here for a specific reason with a specific mission or goal. we all have a unique purpose to our existence.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could live a purposeful life? How would the people around you benefit if you become the best version of yourself? What if you could work on those negative patterns and finally break free from old habits or beliefs that don’t serve you anymore? what if you could set the boundaries according to your needs and desires? What if you could fall in love with yourself?
The time is NOW, The time to invest in the most important thing you have in your life and that’s YOU!
Feel free to Call me or email me at any time so we can discuss the right program for you!
Find The Courage to SHINE & Dare to BE.